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Applications of the Popular Rivet Tools

Have you ever connected with the industrial business then you know about the rivet tool! Anyone need that can handle the operation of this rivet tools, kit as well. If you are at the proper place in your home or business then just start from the depth and add the rivet tools in that. Whether you consider the battery rivet gun or a structural rivet gun, but the applications of all is different.

rivet tool

Once you are at the place in your exploration the depth knowledge is the main thing you can check. It is needed to grasp every kind of the rivet guns, and still, you are confused or pissed with the different models, choices and work ability as well. So, let the ride begin for the rivet tools.

First of all, we will understand the various kind of rivet tools, or I can say rivet guns:

  • Lever Rivet
  • Battery Rivet Gun
  • Hand Rivet Gun
  • Gas Rivet Gun

And many others.

Uses And Applications Of The Rivet Tools

The structural rivet tools are the best and they have different uses and applications as well.

  • Building Applications

The rivets are mostly used for the functions reception and they are mostly considered as fasteners of the material roofing. If you want to install the doors and windows, then you can utilize the rivets.

Other than that, there are many homes need the different uses of the rivets just like the, in that gutter construction, it is good to get the effective fastening. For the roofing of the home, you need the perfect material and that can be used in the wind guards, windows blinds and more than that.

You can see the many rivets in and out of your home, and they are in all probability around you. So for the covering material you can consider hanger strap, window blind and door blinds that are good for you.

  • In Aircraft

The aircraft must be tough and want the robust material that can be become with the solid. So, for the heavy duty material you need the good material rivet tools.

For the aircraft, the strongest union of the material, and for the particular gripping and along join the material with the help of the rivet.

  • For Signs and Nameplates

You may see the signs and nameplates everywhere, and this would be tougher and for that, the rive gun is very important. At least one phase of the structure is needed. Because for this you need to work with the wall, ceiling or other concrete material.

  • For Woodwork

When the name is coming for the wood then the rivet is first choice to get the woodwork done. Cabinet, shelves and lockers need the help of the rivet at least. To secure the sturdy material with the nails and screw.

  • Industrial Application

Different applications for the industry, you need the rivet tools, such as battery rivet gun. In that, there are plenty of instances where the piece is accessible. The truth is all the vehicles need the rivet tools.

Battery Rivet Gun


Riveting is a superior methodology and if you can sue the rivet straightforwardly then you can get the best structure possible. Sort your type of the rivet tool and use it!

Source Link : What are The Common Uses of The Rivet Tool/ Rivet Kit?

Effective Ways To Get a Move With The Rivnut Kit

Make out your work more effective and easy. In most of the industrial and aircraft production, the Avdel Rivets is used because of their ease of use and uniform strength. A rivnut kit is a threaded fastener that is securely installed on the back side of fixed on body panel and other internal components. Rivnut tool must-have tools on an assembly line. As there are especially handy where the joining covers will need to be removed for future maintenance and possible repairs. Rivnut come in a number of various size and shapes, and metals for every conceivable application developed for high-stress situations, such as aeroplane body panels, internal service doors and access areas.

Handly tools; additional protection

Strength and fastening power in an area that requires removable planes or in a tight area where a regular rivet would present issues or problem and that is where rivnut tools become necessary. The application can be inserted with a hand tool, but commonly it is performed with a power Avdel Rivets, that is driven with electrically or even by air.

Avdel Rivets

There are some nuts which are designed with a recessed or countersunk head; some have a secondary securing feature that allows additional protection making this fastening tool more reliable. The ease of use feature that takes less pressure and applied force to effectively sink one when using a preloaded rivet nut gun, or commercial grade rivnut installation tools. This is used as many high-speed pneumatic brakes rivnut tools that are used to secure brake pad lining to the metal backing.

Techniques, effective fasteners

These applications used stainless street rivnut for their exceptional tension and corrosion resistance. These are especially effective fasteners when it comes to supporting the shear load, although it cans also supporting tension loads. Whether the use of bolts and screws are more applicable to any application with tension leads, as the fastener is designed to be effective in certain applications. It made a positive development of welding techniques and bolted joints a long time ago, the riveting is popular and necessary in the construction of metal framed building and structure, and even in the fields of automobiles aircraft and so on.

The overall diameter and lengths of rivnut kit vary with a wide range to the sized of holes. And at a certain area that there are many different types of rivnut with different specification are been used. Different types include solid rivets, semi-tubular rivets, blind rivets, drive rivets, flush rivets, friction–lock rivet and self-pierce rivets.

avdel rivet gun


Engineers need to increased productivity, spent a lot of time while looking for optimizing tools setups, choosing correct cutting tool grades for a given workplace and the maximum feed and speed conditions in turning and milling applications. Advance in the design of inserts for rivnut tool chip control and the rapid strides in thread milling technology; give the manufacturing engineers as much wider choice for optimizing productivity. Avdel Rivets is available with a variety of head shapes, and size useful end plugs which can be used in different equipment to provide an additional fitting facility.

A Quick Approach To Know Everything About Blind Rivets

Do you know the use of Structural Rivets or what is rivet actually? Whatever! Today, I am going to introduce you with the exact use and the terminology of rivet tool. Get ready for power-pack guidance!

Huck Rivets

According to Wikipedia rivet can be defined this way - “A rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener”. And a rivet gun is one kind of tool which can be used to drive rivets. These rivet guns differ in shape and size so identifying a right tool could take experience. If you are fasteners, then screws, nails, and bolts are very common in your world. Still, there are many applications that require the rivets to do the job.

Few Noteworthy Facts About Rivets

There are different types of rivet guns available in the shop but the most used one is Battery Rivet Gun. Yet, it all depends upon your requirements because people may have different needs behind buying rivet tool or rivet gun. Riveting is an affordable method of fastening. Few fascinating facts about rivets are, they can be easily installed and they have relatively low-cost installation services.

Years ago, riveting was a famous method but nowadays, it become popular because of the industrial revolution. As people prefer choosing the lightweight and quality materials in the application. Through rivet tools, experts can fasten metal, plastic, and wood. What about blind rivets?

Blind rivets are nothing but a cylindrical structured fasteners made up of steel, plastic, or wood.These type of rivets can be leveraged for fastening plastic or wooden materials from metal. It can fasten wood, metals as well as plastic if there isn’t any access to the material. That’s the reason the tool is called blind setting.

A short & sweet summary of the rivet

Rivets are the ideal choice for applications no matter whether the application is complicated or having limited access. It is because all the rivets (no matter the type) support shear loads and that is perpendicular to the axis. On another hand, standard rivets have a cylindrical and smooth shape. Once you install rivet, the tail gets flattened which create a bulk tail structure.

Thus, blind rivets can be used in diverse areas like,…

  • Blind rivet can help in repairing fasteners for untrained fields
  • It can be best if you are looking for a temporary fastening service
  • This can’t be perfect for maintenance
  • It can be used in the areas where require high vibrations.

Blind rivets play a major role in building home

Of course! It can be used for different purposes while building home. It can be helpful in gutter construction by leading rainwater downside. It is truth that rivets can be a better alternative. It can be helpful in installing fiberglass roofing, windows, and doors. The fasteners can play a significant role in attaching metal sheets easily.

Battery Riveter

Wrapping up!

What’s your feedback about the guide held on rivet tool and working way of rivet tools? If you like the aim of an article, do share with your close ones to know the importance of riveting and Battery Rivet Gun. And, ask them for purchasing one!

Things You Need To Know About Structural Rivet Gun before Buying

Are you connected with the business that requires in-depth knowledge of the rivet tool? Or do you want to handle certain jobs on your own? Then, you are at the right place in your exploration. If I start from the depth, a rivet gun is also known as a pneumatic hammer; a tool that is used to drive rivets.


Before making a purchase of Structural Rivet Gun, it is required to know different types of rivet guns. This article is prepared for those who find rivet gun buying a worth option but confused or pissed with different options, models, and workability. Let’s head on towards the motive!


Make a note of different types of Rivet Guns:


  • Battery Rivet Gun tool
  • Lever Riveter
  • Pneumatic Rivet Gun
  • Hand Rivet Gun

Read on to know the pros and cons of each type of rivet gun…


1)    Battery riveting tool


Actually, riveting machines are used to set rivets in order to join materials together. And, it offers low cost, productivity, and consistency when you compare it with manual work. Although, battery rivet guns arrive in a range of varieties. This type of riveting tools is beneficial for any job site. Although, there are two main types of function that work the same way.


One type is a machine that can drag out the mandrel from the front of the gun. And, another one will pull the mandrel into the holder. So, this will make your work smooth. If you found this your kind of machine then, purchase it now! Available online also! https://dafra.com.au/


2)    Lever riveter


Rivet guns are perfect for fastening plastic, leather, and many more. It can make the job easy whether you are doing work on the car or working around the house. These tools are the step of rivet guns and they come up with nose piece and it can also work with a range of rivet sizes. These can be heavy duty than any hand rivet gun and can be easily used than others. The problem is, it comes in large size and lever action so they reduce the physical strength amount needed by the hand riveter.


3)    Pneumatic rivet gun


This type of rivet gun is the best rivet gun on the market because of its clever design that makes it easy to use. It is powered by compressed air to quickly and easily install blind rivets. The meaning of pneumatic rivet gun is, it can be very powerful when needed but, it is a disassembly tool that is never needed because of the spring loaded inside which work automatically for locking the rotation.


4)    Hand rivet gun


In this rivet gun, there is used an appropriate size of the nose piece. Also, rivet guns come in several options to fit a range of blind rivets. However, this can be a perfect choice for those people who are occasional users.




What have you thought about buying a rivet tool? Go through this article and select a perfect type of rivet gun for your requirement and stay far away from the stressful situation. Be a savvy buyer. I hope, through this article, you can make a smart purchase. Thanks!

What are the uses and applications of the Rivnut tool and Rivnut kit?

Rivnut Tool offers the best clamping functionality in many places where you do not have access to one side. A solution to this scenario could be nourished by only Rivnut Kit. This application provides strength and versatility for the task at hand.

What is a Rivnut tool?

Rivnut tools are known as threaded rivets. They are permanent nuts and can be inserted into existing as well as new holes.  It expands and deforms during installation to firmly hold the hardware in place.

A special type of nut that is installed in a particular hole prepared in metal and secured prior to the assembly of a bolt called a Rivnut.

Standard rivet nut or Rivnut have been around for many years. They work well as joints for low strength joints that do not see much stress. These nuts are not high strength and usually cannot withstand enough clamping load for structural joints.

Why people need Rivnut?

The Rivnut have a purpose similar to blind rivets and they allow you to install the fastener despite not having access to the other side of the material you are working on every type of material just as plastic, wood and fibre glass.

However, with a standard rivet bolt, you must create a thread and then wait for the bolt to remain tight within that thread over time and during several removals, and because the application is blind.

The Rivnut bolts can be removed and reinserted as necessary, while the other remains firmly in place. The edge of the nut is applied almost flush with the material being applied.

Uses and application of Rivnut Tool

The holes in harder materials such as steel or aluminium and will not work in softer materials such as wood or plastic.

Some applications include:

  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Lane
  • Cooling
  • Domestic uses
  • Manufacturing
  • Electric components

Factors that affect the Rivnut Tool:

  • Open or closed: Rivnuts come in open as well closed end styles, and the latter prevents water and dust from entering the holes.
  • Shape: Rivet nuts come in slotted, cylindrical, square, hexagonal and standard form. Every style is designed to prevent the fastener from rotating at high torsion levels, especially in softer materials.
  • Thin or thick wall:While thick-wall rivet nuts offer lockable heads, thin-wall rivet nuts do not.

As known, there are two types of rivet nuts,

  1. Designed to form a protrusion on the blind side of the application when the bolt is tightened.
  2. It is placed in the sleeve so don't protrude like another type of Rivnut kit. It always depends on your application.

Final thought,

As per your preference you can choose the nut or kit, check all the factors that are helpful for you or what are not? The use and applications help you to choose the right Rivnut tool for your particular choice. Every rivet nut has own use and application.

Tips for Uses and Installation of The Rivnut Tool

In many projects, it may seem impossible to find a closure that works with thin or brittle materials. This is where the rivet nuts with the Rivnut Kit enter, which are also known as blind rivet nuts or threaded inserts. A variation of the standard the rivet nut has a round, ribbed, square or hexagonal tubular body that is internal.

The rivet nut is installed by the Rivnut tool, in cases where only one side of the part is accessible, which makes it incredibly versatile. Mostly, these rivet nuts were sold under the trademark RIVNUT.

Here are some tips for the installation and use of rivet nuts:

  1. Choose the appropriate rivet nuts

There are two types of rivet nuts:

  1. The first is designed to form a protrusion on the blind side of the application when tightening the bolt, pin or bolt.
  2. The second is placed in a sleeve and, therefore, does not protrude like the other type.

Here are some styles and features to consider:

  • Thick flange: This feature can provide space and a greater expulsion force.
  • Wide flange:This feature of the rivet nut offers a large loading surface to reinforce the hole and prevent the rivet nut from being pushed.
  • Low profile head:With this function, ensures an installation that is almost or completely flush.
  • Open or closed:The Rivnut Kit come in open and closed-end styles, with the latter preventing water and dust from entering the assembly, as in an automotive installation.
  1. More practical than other fasteners

Made of aluminium, stainless steel, steel, brass, the rivet nuts offer a variety of benefits over bolts, self-tapping screws and pressed inserts. In fact, rivet nuts are not affected by heat, unlike other fasteners such as welding nuts. Many times, the installation of rivet nuts is more practical compared to other available fasteners.

  1. Use in innumerable materials

Rivet nuts are reliable, easy-to-install fasteners that can provide strong loading threads in weak or thin gauge materials, such as castings, casings, panels, pipes and extrusions.

In addition, due to its wide grip tolerance range, rivet nuts can be installed in a variety of material thicknesses.

  1. Perfect for your industry

The rivet nuts are also perfect for each stage of production without the need to rework after insertion, even when the workpiece has already been coated or painted.

  1. Use the proper tool

Among the main benefits of rivet nuts is that they offer faster assembly and lower installation costs compared to other fasteners. Because rivet nuts are made to be automated and used in factory settings, electrical installation tools are often mounted on a six-axis robot. But for individual use, you can install rivet nuts using lightweight, easy-to-operate hand tools or air / hydraulic adjustment tools.

Applications of the Rivnut Kit:

  • Refrigerators
  • Medical technology
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Children's games equipment.
  • Aerospace industry
  • Boats
  • Bikes
  • Swimming pools
  • Military vehicles
  • Office furniture
  • Plastics engineering
  • Electronics


The Rivnut tool is the best companion, for the installation of the projects and it requires the rivet nut fastener. To make the job easy, the tool will allow making the tight nut. May it have greater loads than any other sheet in the metal screw, but it is highly recommended.

The Use Of Rivnut in Thin-Walled Sheet Metals

See the world with new light. Rivnut are that sound like the threaded insert for installation into sheet metal. Rivnut tool is superior to screw or pop rivets for fastening into sheet metal. Strength comes from spreading the load out with an idea of putting washers behind a pop rivet or even normal nut and bolt. This comes in different various thread sizes and material strengths also with different styles such as flanges or flush. It takes time for install but cannot beat where strength is important or even later remove the item that is fixed down and doesn’t have access to the rear side of the sheet where might otherwise just use a nut and bolt. Most common type of fasteners available today along with nuts, bolts and other such similar household and industrial items.

Best Machine and Equipment

Fasteners are enabled of the machine, equipment and other products that need to put together as it is important just another permanent mechanical fastener and this is the most commonly used. The common use of rivets in detailed industrial and aircraft production plants because of the ease of use and uniform strength. The aircraft production industry has perfected the joining and secure fastening of the airframe and other body panels by using rivnut tools. A rivnut gun is a threaded fastener that is securely installed on the back side of fixed body panels and even other internal components.

Fastener Device Constructed

Rivenut gun is especially handy where the joining covers will need to be removed for future maintenance and possible repairs. This makes rivnut tools must have the tool on an assembly line. This application can be inserted with a hand tool, but commonly it is performed with a power rivnut tool, this is driven electrically or by air. The ease of use a great durability of these rivnut has made them very popular in the assembling industries. Threaded inserts are fastener related device constructed of metal and plastic materials. This is generally used to provide tread tracks for screws or bolts. These insert can allow a fastener to form a more secure attachment to soft or even public surface that would otherwise reject fastening, repair a damaged tread track, install thread into a workplace without relying on the more elaborate production process.


Rivnut come in different variety of size, shape and metal for just helpful for every conceivable application, many of the more popular could easily be developed for high-stress situations. Using with airplane body panels, internal service doors and different access areas. There are different tools which are designed with a recessed or countersunk head and some have a secondary securing feature that allows additional protection making this fastening tools more reliable. When using a preloaded rivnut gun that has high-speed pneumatic brake rivnut tools that are used to secure brake pad linings to the metal backing. This kind of tool is used in stainless steel rivets for their exceptional tension and corrosion resistance.

Know When to Use The Rivets (Structural Rivets) and Rivet Gun

As you know, the structural rivets are profitable, direct and easy to install, provide reliable and versatile solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. While screws, nails and bolts can be more common fastening solutions, avdel rivet gun can provide improved performance for, particularly difficult situations. But do you anything about rivets? Let’s glance once at that.


What are rivets (usually structural rivets)?


As per my knowledge, the rivets support cutting loads perpendicular to the axis of the shaft and are ideal for applications that involve complicated or limited access. Standard structural rivets have a smooth cylindrical shape with a head on one end and a tail on the other, although the design variations are almost limitless. Rivets or avdel rivet gun are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials,  then most rivets are installed with some type of pneumatic hammer, allowing reliable performance and easy installation.


Advantages of the rivet:


  • You can do the permanent clamping, which is ideal for particularly demanding environments and applications.
  • It is resistant and long-lasting, rivets can withstand waterproofing, high vibrations, complex material joints and much more.
  • The rivets are designed to offer great versatility, allowing them to be used to hold wood, metal, plastic and much more.
  • They are particularly suitable for bonding soft and thin materials and brittle connections.

What are the common applications of the structural rivet in the industry?


Some of the most common and everyday rivet applications include:

  • Fine metalwork and jewellery: decorative metallurgy, jewellery and complex machinery
  • Building and construction: gutters, fibreglass roofs, suspension belts, windows, doors, shutters, windshields and custom-made wall installations.
  • Woodwork and decorative finishes: signs, hinges, photo frames, furniture, drawers, handles and resistant wooden crafts.
  • Infrastructure and Transportation: bridges, overpasses and large-scale metal structures.
  • Aviation, aerospace and automotive industry: construction of aluminium and aluminium alloys, assembly of aircraft, joints of body panels of the vehicle and solid and ordered repairs for boats of all kinds.
  • Placing identification badges and signs

Identification plates and signs can be seen almost anywhere. The placement of plaques or signs on a wall can be done in many ways. In cases where there is the only access to one side of a structure, the blind rivets can be used as fasteners.


  • Fixings for wall or ceiling decorations

Some types of wall decorations require a strong bra for support. Framed images and framed paintings can easily fall off the wall without adequate support. Other decorations that can be fastened with a blind rivet include Halloween or Christmas lanterns, bas-reliefs and any other type of ornamental objects.


  • Place hinges

Hinges are used to join doors, windows, appliances, shelves and more. To place the hinges on a wall or surface, it is necessary to use screws or nails. Instead of screws, some people use blind rivets as a replacement.




There are many applications where the structural rivets are used, here I showed you some, but you can explore the websites who provide this type of avdel rivet gun and at the right time you can purchase. 

Essential needs of the rivet tools in your daily life

Industrial rivets and rivet tools are used extensively to hold or fix things together. These tools are applied where the welding does not work. For example, they help to join sheets of metal and plywood, which are more susceptible to the deformation and modification properties of the material. You get them in various configurations and sizes in the market.

The manufacturer of high strength structural rivets designs them according to their varied utilities in various industries and other applications throughout the world. This type of tools is designed to meet different resistance, accessibility and cost requirements.

One example of the riveting tools in industrial and commercial manufacturing and production,

Just asrivet gunscan play an important role in bonding and fixing metal and other materials. In the manufacture of airplanes, the fuselage, the wing of air and almost all the external surfaces of the panels of the body are subject with riveting guns, which turns them into an indispensable manufacturing tool.

What you have to do if you are purchasing rivet tools?

There are some points that you can apply to the riveting tools matter, and here are they:

  • Quality Analysis

The quality analysis is must when you are considering the elements for the big machine and all. If you understand the utmost importance of the quality of the riveting tools, they always prefer the certified manufacturer of any structural rivets to confirm maximum satisfaction. If they provide the wide range of the tools, also provide the bulk in quantities with the rigorous tests throughout the process to help in the construction of the efficient energy to support loads.

  • Material

The rigorous quality of the material is carried out in the state of the art unit in the pre and post production processes to offer impeccable fastening elements to customers around the world. The quality of the rivet tools- rivet gunalso depends on superior resources of the raw materials used in it. For this purpose, they keep in contact with the main suppliers of the place or locality.

  • The range of the products

It obtains a wide range of quality permanent tools in the Open End, Close End and Solid Rivets tools ranges. In addition to these, you can get various types of tools and Advanced Multi Grip types from the Industrial Rivets manufacturer in the market. These are designed with precision and quality material for efficient and maximum use.

Application of the structural rivets:

  • In the commercial production line, rivet guns are used to hold things such as handles on shovels and suitcases, bags and many other items where the joining and fixing of parts and sections of products are required.
  • In large-volume assembly or production lines, air structural rivets are used to make repetitive and constant rivets smooth and efficient.
  • In the automotive industry, small wireless guns will be used to fit in tight spaces under a dashboard or other area where larger guns will not fit. Wrapping out…There are many businesses in that you can use the rivet tools, even though in the daily life you may need them, just check all the terms that all I just elaborated.

What is the Use of a Rivet Gun?

Rivet is the mechanical fastener of a smooth, cylindrical shaft with the head, it offers perfect capabilities for light and heavy-duty work like to aircraft to sheet metal assemblies. Rivet tools are supporting shear and tensile load and with watertight working. Each and every type of rivet are unique for using it in different fields.

Types of rivets:

  • Blind rivets
  • Solid rivets
  • Tubular rivets
  • Drive rivets
  • Split rivets
  • Shoulder rivets
  • Tinners rivets
  • Mate rivets
  • Belt rivets

Rivet tools:

  • Hand tool for rivet
  • Battery rivet tool
  • Air rivet toot

The rivet gun is used at the time of construction of ship, aeroplanes and other things that are created by using the large metal sheet. They are having powered wither by steam to work perfectly.

Structure rivet is called by lock rivet and are easy to install for use as an air gun. It offers a wide range grip for differently designed for having high strength and force on excellent clamp overwork. The structure includes a mechanical lock feature and the mandrel fills for strength.

Structure rivet provide a fast and most cost-effective solution for most of the demanding work, it has a good idea for application requiring a vibration solution with power. This is commonly used for fabrication in vehicles, trucks, trains, truck trailers, for security fencing that is work with the metal sheet.

Structure rivet works extremely perfect with lightweight materials, at the time of creating gentle grasps. It works perfectly for different ranges of materials and thickness sheet of metal.

The feature of structure rivets:

  • Positively retained stem
  • The high performance of resistance at vibration
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Large blind side bearing
  • Maintenance is free
  • High shear and tensile strengths
  • Double locking system

Advantages of structure rivet:

  • Vibration resistance
  • Weatherproof
  • High strength

 Different types of structure rivet:

  • Cup fix rivet
  • A fix rivet
  • Hem fix rivet
  • SSMG & BBMG rivet
  • BULB-LOCK rivet
  • T BULB rivet.

Structure rivet is designed tubular for riveting devices that are used with the nail from the centre, it working is faster which offer solid circle with internal lock for high vibration. This is mostly found used in dish antennas, electrical enclosures and other transportation things.

Application for structure rivets:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Buses, trucks, utilities, trains
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Metal fabrication with the thin sheet

Types of structure rivet:

  • Huck rivet
  • Alloc
  • Bom
  • Av bolt
  • MB rivet
  • Mono bolt
  • Interlock
  • Hemlock
  • Hi-strength

Structure rivet is comprising of the single piece of material that is deformed that can help to bind the part together. The system of contraction for the cooling faster which hold the part together that is one kind of collection with varieties of materials that have important properties.

What is the Use of the Rivnut Gun?

Rivet is a mechanical joint which looks cylindrical in shape with head on top. Where rivnut is a tubular rivet with internal threads, which is installed form one side at the time of work within a second. Once the Rivnut is installed it is ready to use the clean thread for screw attachment.

Rivnut provides the simple and easy way to combine materials for the benefits of an internal thread, for different fields.

Rivnut have Different of Materials:

  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel

The work of rivnut is hand tool pull up that tread is faster and exerts a pull, which causes the shank to expand against the material this kind of process is known by upsetting. Rivnut drill is designed for drilling it is easy to use and fast.

Different Styles of Rivnut:

  • Rivnut steel
  • Rivent nut stainless steel
  • Rivnut aluminium
  • Riv stud
  • Plusnut
  • j- Nut
  • Rubber nuts

Rivnut tool is used to install rivnut quickly and faster. Rivnut toolkit help to eliminate for tapping, welding and brazing at the different area. The kit also contains items like the plier style setting tool with different sizes of nuts. This is used for installation in metal material.

Different Head Style of Rivnut:

  • Flathead
  • Countersunk head
  • Reduced head

The body style of rivnut:

  • Round body
  • Knurled
  • Hexagonal body

Design Options of Rivnut

  • Head shape or size

o    Roundhead

o    Squarehead

o    Oval head

o    Hex head

  • Knurled or seals
  • Grip range

o    1st grip

o    2nd grip

o    Special mid grip

  • The length and closed ends

o    Short body

o    Long body

o    Closed body

Rivnut toolkit makes it easy and fast to install a strong and secure threaded insert in steel and aluminium tube. To drill a hole and operate the tool is to have the regular whole rivet gun and insert rivnut it is also available for mounting into glass fibre panels.


  • rivnut fit for all kinds of sheet metal
  • Area of manufacturing fastening widely
  • It easily assembles of automotive, aviation, railway, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, furniture, decoration and light to industrial products.
  • High efficiency with the riveting firm for welding nuts, easy to use.

The top quality kit of rivnut will make work easy to install a strong and secure threaded insert steel and aluminium sheet. To install rivnut just simply drill a hole and operate the tool from regular pop rivnut gun. Rivnut tool kit contains M3, M4, M5, M6 and M8 threads for using it universal at any place.

Faster Use of Rivnuts:

Rivnut provides one piece blind with a nut plate and no finishing requires. The use of rivnut is faster that made to exacting tolerances. With help of rivnut, you can get far assembly line hang-ups within less time. There just need the perfect selection of material to work on for rivnuts.